Great products start with great people

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Being located in the heart of America's dairyland has its advantages.

First and foremost being the men and women who've grown up on these farms. These are our employees and they take pride in being part of the rich tradition of the dairy and food industries. They grow up understanding the value of work ethic and the commitment it takes to do a job right. They know that craft requires passion and dedication. And it shows in the length of time they stay with us as well as the quality of the products they produce. Our people are our greatest asset.

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Quality is our highest priority.

The reason we're sticklers for quality is simple. It's the one thing you and your customers care about most. That's why we strive to exceed standards rather than just meet them. We use advanced analytical equipment and quality control techniques – testing during initial production and right before shipping.

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Research & development & then some.

Great products are born from research & development that's willing to go the extra mile – from scientists that know when to rely on their vast experience and when to blaze new trails. We can help you develop new ideas and custom formulations or enhance current formulas. We have the in-house lab testing capabilities to fully support innovative product development with superior quality. Contact a Century Foods rep today and let's start brainstorming.

All for support. Support for all.

Through our relationship with Hormel Foods, we have the scale to offer unparalleled manufacturing capabilities. From administrative support and supply chain activity, to logistics and regulatory, to shipping and distribution – we have network expertise in all channels:


Specialty Retailers

Food, Mass Merchant & Drugstore Channels

Global Exporting